Brittany gites (Plestin-Les-Grèves)

Brittany gites, cottages of Kerharo Tremael, Plestin-Les-Grèves

Kerharo, which means, in Breton, “the deer's hamlet”, is situated on the edge of a forest.

The hamlet comprises five small houses. The oldest were built 300 years ago. The hamlet is situated between Plestin-Les-Grèves and Trémel, which means “the territory of Maël” : he was the eldest son of Conan Mériadec, himself the first king of Brittany.

All around the hamlet, there are meadows and fields, and yet at times the smell of the sea pervades the air, since Kerharo is very close to the coastline.

“L'Ancêtre” (i.e. “the ancestor”) is the first of the five houses in the hamlet: it was built in the 17th century and it is well looked after, or else the ivy would take control! “La Petite” (i.e. “the little one”) is just as old and, until recently, it belonged to the seagulls and the owls. With a new timber frame and a new roof, La Petite will soon be able to welcome visitors.

The next two houses are the gites reserved for visitors. The first one is called “La Maison Bleue” (i.e. “the blue house”) because of its shutters : it has already welcomed many, many guests over the past few years. The second one is called “La Maison Blanche” (i.e. “the white house”) : it opened to the public in 2009.

The fifth house is still at the virtual stage : right now, it is a barn awaiting restoration.

Brittany cottages, gites of Kerharo Tremael, welcome
Here, in this corner of Brittany, life goes on at its own — slow and silent — pace. You will have no problem dreaming, writing, composing (if you are a musician), painting (if you are an artist), gardening, reading, playing, singing, or...knitting. On long walks through the forest, it is easy to lose one's way, whether you are looking for holly for Christmas or hunting snails (since they are edible in these parts!).

We are delighted to welcome you to Kerharo!

The Blue House
The White House
The Little House

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